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Tuesday 4 May 2010

Lou's Reviews- Bella Sugar Cosmetics Pressed Shadows

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As previously mentioned, the lovely Patricia from Bella Sugar Cosmetics, kindly sent me some of her hand made cosmetics to review.

Before I was sent these products, I asked a little bit about how the company began and what it's all about. Patricia was tres helpful and told me her story.

Patricia lives across the pond in America with her Hubby, baby boy and little 2 year old girl (whom she calls 'Sugar' as a pet name but her real name is Bella, hence the name-cute!). Patricia was, like so many of us are, a MAC addict. After she got married, and her husband saw how much just a single eyeshadow cost, she decided she would make her own. After a while, people started asking where her fab eyeshadow colours were from and suggested she sell them. So here she is! Selling her eyeshadow singles, palettes and shower jellys on etsy and her website.

All the colours are custom made, so if you told her you would like a mint green with silver sparkles, ooorrrr that you wanted a MAC satin taupe dupe, she would make it for you! Wowzas! The bit that really excited me the most was that she names new colours after the people that request them. So in my palette there is a colour called 'Casey', named after a girl called Casey (what a surprise!) who asked for a MAC stars 'n' rockets to match her prom dress.

These shadows are amazing! Gaillardia is a peachy/pink which a golden shimmer, Casey is a MAC Stars 'n' Rockets dupe as pre mentioned, Sun Sparkle is a gorgeous gold that will be perfect as a shadow or even slightly dampened and used with an eyeliner brush for under the lower lashes to create a 'sunny' look, annnnndddd Bella Sugar is a beautiful pink, which Patricia says is the colour of her daughter's nursery-awww.

The shadows have excellent pigment and the lasting power is incredible. You can buy singles from her etsy shop for $6.00 (about £3.50-£4.00) or you could have four in a palette like mine for $22.00 (abbboouuuuuutttt £15.00ish). Personally, I think this is a bloody steal when you think that the quality and size is as good as Urban Decay and MAC and those palettes cost a bloomin' fortune!!

(ggrrr blurry! Sorrryyy!)

I know I'm going on a bit but there is one more AAAMMMMMAAAZING thing about this product. You can even customise the palettes!!!! If you look on her etsy site (I'll link it below), you'll see loads of cool designs, but if you email Patricia, you can ask for whatever you want! I cannae bloody believe it! Patricia noticed I have a love of florals and pink, hence my gorgeous palette and I absolutely love having a product that hardly anyone else in the world has :)

This is truly the first product in a long time that I have got so excited about and I really do encourage you all to have a look on her etsy shop and follow her blog for product updates. In a few years when she's as popular as MAC, you'll all be wishing you got in there first! haha

I can't thank you enough for these gorgeous items, Patricia. I wish you every success with this brilliant business. xxxxx 




  1. This is such a great post! You got me all excited and I definitely want to try some now! I can't wait til Friday when my bank account will be replenished (aka payday) so I can place an order =)

  2. I love the colors too :)


    xox Laura Beth

  3. cute packagin love those color too (:

  4. These look amazing!! The palette is cute too!


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