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Friday 14 May 2010

Everything's coming up roses....

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Lately I have been reading the most amazing blog called "Sunshines and Carousels" and I cannot get enough of it. It is written by a lady called Erin who is about the same age as me and she has my dream life I think! haha! She lives in America with her husband and the cutest little girl and does all sorts of amazing crafty things, she is so talented. She makes beautiful cupcakes (if you are a cupcake fiend, it's worth checking it out just for the sheer amount of sprinkles this lady has- I've never seen so many varieties!!), sews gorgeous embellishments on to just about anything, and has decor so co-ordinated it makes my house look like a shack!

You can have a looksie of her blog HERE. If you don't like it, I'll eat my hat! 

So, with her inspiration in mind, I have decided to put my crafty hat on and improve my home and art up my life. I thought I'd let you know because in between my beauty reviews, I shall be throwing the odd "how-to" in there as well! I hope this sits well with you all :)

So, blog envy over, here is my most recent homey project: Drying Flowers.

I was given a big bunch of roses by my lovely friend Anthony (Aloha Anthony, if you're reading) for my 25th birthday a last month, and as you can imagine, they have now seen better days.

Most the bunch was dead as a doorknob (why do they say that? Doorknobs were never alive in the first place. Odd), but there were a few brave few who had somehow clung on.

To turn them into lovely dried flowers I snipped them off about 15cm away from the head and tied them to a ribbon. I then hung them upside down from a window handle. You hand them upside down to maintain the shape. If you leave them standing up they will wilt away. I'll leave them like that for about a week and then dot them around the house in cute vases and vintage cups. Bliss.

Do you ever do things like this? I like to make the most of things :)




  1. I used to do this! They look so pretty and give a room a certain "antique chic" look :) Love how you tied them all together like that, smart idea. Check out my blog sometime if you can :)

  2. Oh I love to have flowers around me! I have a whole garden filled with flowers (luckily since my dog did not eat the flowers this year *_*!)

    To tie them together is a good idea! Looks gorgeous too ♥

  3. I'm gonna check it out right now! And don't we all just love roses:)

  4. I've never tried dying flowers i always thoguht there was some complex art to it...
    Next time i get some flowers I'm definately going to be doing some drying :)

  5. Ohh yay give it a go! If you dont leave them as long as i did in the vase (3 weeks!!) and hang them when they are fresher, you can leave the full stem on. Then when they are dry, you can put them in a big vase and keep them forever. The wont dry the same colour as they were fresh, but like Britton-Lee said, you get a very antique-vintagey type feel. I'm trying to make my house a bit more shabby chic so fingers crossed!
    Emmelie you are tres lucky! My garden is filled with boring green things. We moved in in August last year so it's been interesting to see what came up this spring. The answer was not an awful lot! haha!

  6. I had a nose through your posts as you mentioned you liked crafts and making things (which I do too!). I really liked your bookmark idea with the beads/ribbon, as I realised I dont have a bookmark, yet I have millions of books! SO..Imnow the owner of a prettyful new bookmark thanks to some inspiration from you :) Just thought id say thanks!

  7. Ohh Yay Daisy that has made me soo happy! I really thought that everyone liked the beauty bits but the crafty were a but naff and just something I do for myself so I'm really pleased you have done that!
    Thank you so much for letting me know xxxxxx

  8. So you turned 25 in 2010 and you're still 25......? Might want to delete this post, Louise!


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