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Friday 21 May 2010

Abby's Giveaway- My Dream Dressing Table

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As promised, this is my entry for Abby's other giveaway (she is doing two), which is to describe your dream dressing table.

When I saw this competition the other day, I just knew I had to enter and here is why:

When we bought this house in Summer '09, we were handed a little plastic box full of keys. There were keys to the front and back doors, the windows and the garage BUT, were there any keys to the shed I hear you ask? NO!

A year went by of us never going in the shed or knowing what was in there, until one day I could stand it no longer! I went down to that shed and did something very unladylike and quite thuggish.......I bashed the lock in. To be precise, I bashed the lock in with a stone toad garden ornament that I found in the bushes!! Honestly, I never thought my life would come to the day when I was bashing in my OWN shed with a stone toad but there we are.

I stepped through the broken door to be greeted with spiders, spades and a beautiful wooden dressing table!! The glee!!! All of a sudden I felt a project coming along. I would refurbish this little gem!

Me and my chum Jess hotfooted it down to Wilkos, bought paint, brushes and medium sandpaper (as recommended by Grandad) and we were away!!

With a bit of tarting up, the old (and free I might add) dresser came up a treat! It was missing a draw but using some sturdy card, I created a little shelving area for things like GHD's, magazines and other general bumf. Eventually I plan on making a little curtain to hide it all.

On my dresser I have my mirrored jewellery box (would you like to see what's in it? Let me know because I took photos just in case), a few hair flowers, my current obsession Viva La Juicy perfume and Moisturiser and a crystal bowl full of nail polishes- soooo girlie!

As you can see, I don't have a mirror on it, but that is because we have mirrored wardrobes so there is not need- more space for pretties.

This is a new addition to our room so I'm sure it will change an evolve with the things I put on and in it, but for now, this is it.

I love this soooo much because I think the green really compliments my pink bedroom, it was free (aside from the wilkos bits), it is vintage and when I look at it I feel a real sense of achievement for transforming something so pretty.

Have you ever done a project like this? I have transformed a few more pieces in my home, should I post about them or are you all about the makeup?




  1. aaaw, that's so cute. I especially love the pink things on it ;)

  2. Ooo wow, that's lovely! I adore all the colours together, sooo pretty! :) Makes me want to get creative in my room but unfortunately I have a fitted desk. :( xx

  3. I absolutely love it! It's really special when you make something your own, and it really does look great in your room :) You have inspired me!

  4. I love it and the colour of it is really pretty too :) xx

  5. i love it :) you did an amazing job on it :)

    you should definately show us what else you've transformed :)


  6. very cute :) post pics when you get the little curtain done.

  7. Ok first of all, you made that dresser look amazing! And secondly, your nail polishes, perfume, and jewelry box make it look even prettier...very girly! I love it!

  8. Ah that is so so pretty you did a great job i wish i was as talented x

  9. Oh, I really like what you did, the colors are so nice. Totally worth breaking a lock in lol. You could def interior decorate :)


  10. WOW cute and pretty table! i hope u win! hope u can follow my blog as well.! im a happy follower of urs now! thanks


  11. WOWZA! I love it!! Your room looks GORGEOUS! Love the wallpaper also, best of luck hope you win xoxo

  12. Wow, so crafty! Good luck on the giveaway!

  13. Love this little diy project, what a transformation!

  14. this is super cute, I'm thinking about redecorating my furniture too, u make it look so easy!
    also had me cracking up about bashing in your shed door with the toad, i remember u mensioned it in your vlog with zoella and it made me chuckle :) xx

  15. what I wouldn't give for a dressing table like these. love the post!

  16. So pretty, didn't actually know you painted and re-designed your furniture by yourself :D


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