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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Let's Support Stacey

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Bit of a serious one tonight if you don't mind.

You may remember a while back I posted a little Mother's Day tribute to my lovely Mummy who is chilling out in heaven. Well one of my readers got in contact because she has gone through the same thing (loosing her Mum to cancer) and we have been talking for a little while now about our shared losses.

It has been so therapeutic talking to someone who has been through the same thing and I would welcome anyone who wants to talk, it really has made me feel like I have let go a tiny bit more and I think Stacey has felt the same.

So after telling our stories and how we feel all these years later, Stacey has had some awful news. She has a very rare condition called Takayasu Arteritis which is where the main arteries coming from her heart are extremely inflamed and to combat this Stacey will now need to undergo a course of chemotherapy. This is frightening for any person, but for a young lady who recently watched her own lovely Mummy go throw the same treatment, it will be doubly hard.

Stacey has decided to share own own unique story on her blog which you can find HERE. Stacey is sharing her experiences on this difficult journey because she hopes to raise awareness for the things that chemotherapy brings, to offer support to other people going through the same situation and also for the support she will undoubtedly receive from the wonderful blogging community. 

I have seen and felt how wonderful you have all been with me when I have written about my Mum or about how fab you have been with my new "Curvy OOTD's", so it would be so good if you could pop over to her blog (link above) and show your support to this lovely lady. 

Thank you Bloggerinos.




  1. Thanks for this post. I lost my mum to cancer just over a year ago as well and it helps to know you are not alone in dealing with these things.
    I will be taking a look and supporting stacey as i'm sure loads of others will do after reading your post.
    It's lovely to see you looking out for others xx

  2. What a lovely thought! I will pop over to Stacey's blog and support too.
    Although I still have my dear Mum with me I lost my beloved Nan to cancer, 22 years ago, we were very close and it is still very raw even all these years on.
    Many warm thoughts to you
    Emma x

  3. I'm now a follower. Wishing you all the best Stacey.. My mother-in-law is currently undergoing chemotherapy, my thoughts are with you and all your family.

  4. My Nana is currently receiving chemo and we are no strangers to it after going through chemo and radiotherapy for both my Dad and Grandad over the past few years. Things are hard and I dont think people appreciate how hard it can be trying to go about your life with such worries on your mind
    Im loving your blog Louise after finding your wonderful vids on Youtube :)
    I too love all the pretties and glittery things you choose and make and am hoping to get involved in craft fairs round my way soon xxxx Keep up the good work!


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