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Monday, 31 May 2010

Sunday Tag- 8th Picture

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As I promised yesterday, I hadn't forgotten about my Sunday Tag feature and here it is. I have seen it on a bajillion other blogs and wanted to jump on the bandwagon to. The tag is to choose the 8th picture from the 8th folder in your Pictures.

Now, I was hoping for a picture full of fun, or me looking nice, or something truly amazing, but alas, sod's law says it isn't!

This is a picture of the little plush star decorations I made to sell at a craft fair last year. The fabric is from John Lewis and I remember liking it because I thought it was a bit Cath Kidston-esque and a love a bit of Cathy K! Mint green button stitched on with red thread to tie in with the fabric and white satin ribbon so you can hang the star on doors, drawers and hooks. Simples.

Do you ever sew anything and have you done this tag? I tag you all!

Makeup reviews coming soon (it's been payday-woop woop!!)




  1. These are very cute :) I sew clothing sometimes but haven't made anything for a while :(


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