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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Buttons Baby!

Aloha Bloggerinos,

For those of you that have read some of my older posts, as well as my luurrrvvee for cosmetics, I also have a luurrrvvveee for all things crafted and homemade. So on a recent trawl through my latest addiction, weheartit, I found these.

Mmmmmmmm soooo pretty!

Does this make anyone else want to reach for their sewing machine??



  1. I collect buttons! But none of them are as pretty as this! :( x

  2. I don't know how to work a sewing machine T_T
    It's so sad. I really want to learn it though

  3. Oh wow those are scrummy! I have to tell you about
    You may know of her already, but she is one of my favorite crafters!!

  4. Emma- OMG I loooovvee Twinkie Chan! Woop woop!

    MariaMay- If you are tres interested, you can pick up mini machines for £20 ( i bought mine mini at woolworths before they shut down and missed the big sale-grrr) and they come with instructions, or there are lots of things you could make by hand. :)

    Meowcake- I have a big stash but alas, none as girly as these. Yum yum yum xxxx

  5. Oooo-really love that second picture. Those pink and aqua buttons really pop. And don't they match your blog background so well! Sorry, I do believe that I am drooling as I type. (Nasty habit, caused by looking at too many yummy blogs!) My other fave colour combo is pink and pea green. Sorry, just wiping away the dribble...better sign off!
    Byeee, Zoe xx

  6. Oh wow, you've got some lovely bits and bobs. Beautiful buttons!

  7. i used to search for buttons at my grandma's like them:)


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