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Wednesday 12 May 2010

Lou's Reviews- Nubar Nail Art Pen

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Whilst at the Beauty UK Exhibition a few weeks ago, I picked up this little beauty on a whim for £3 and now after using it, I wish I had picked up more! Hindsight is a wonderful thing, eh?

This is a Nail Art Pen by Nubar and is in colour "Opals". It is a gorgeous nudey-pearly-peachy shade and in the right light it has a minty green tinge to it which I love.

The idea behind this is that you can use it to make precision really easy so that you can do lovely pictures, letters, lines or any other fancy nail art you choose.

For years I have just used varnish to cover and maybe a different colour varnish to do polka dot spots and that's really as far as I stretch nail art-wise. Until now....

Wowee wowee wowee, this is a nifty little device.

If you twist the lid (which is made of slightly squeezey plastic bottle) you get a very long, slender brush. I presume you would use this for doing lines or little brush strokes. For me, this is a bit tricky because I don't have particularly steady hands. I will have to have a good practice and get better!

If you screw the slender brush bit back on, you can pull the lid (pull rather than twist/screw) and you are offered a little ball point pen nib. Now this is the bit that gets me excited! You use it just like a regular pen and doodle all over your talons until your little heart is content! Simples. This is super easy to use for even the most heavy handed, like me :)

The pen looks like it is sharp and scratchy, but as long as you squeeze the bottle to ensure a constant flow of polish, it works very nicely.

Another great feature of this product is that underneath the sticker on the bottom that has the colour on, there is a sneaky little pin that you can use to declog the pen, should it need declogging. How thoughtful!!

I definitely need a lot more work before I become a nail art pro, but here is my first attempt:

I know it's a bit scraggy, but there we are, take me as you find me s'il vous plait :)

Have any of you lovely Bloggerinos tried any of the Nubar range?




  1. I haven't tried there stuff yet but i've heard really good things!
    I'm going to try and make my nails grow a little then i'm going to grab a few of these :)

  2. If this is their latest product, they've copied another product by nail star. They copied the exact shape, and the exact techniques... Plus nail star's are cheaper ! Just thought I'd let you know =]

  3. OOOh thanks for the heads up monster! I'm off to check out Nail Star- bargain!! xxxx

  4. Yay! Your welcome ^^ Glad to be of help xoxoxo

  5. Ooh that is such a pretty colour, and i love the special little nib-bit.

  6. You are so super kind. :)

    Here's a yo you tutorial.

    May aunt actually taught me how. They are super easy. I hope this helps!!

  7. I haven't tried their stuff but now I really want to!

  8. I bought a set of 24 of these (not Nubar brand, it was like a generic Chinese one) off eBay a couple of months ago and they are soooo useful. I suggest you check eBay out, you can get sets of five up to seventy two.

  9. The nail art craze has caught up on me. I was wondering where you can find nail art pens like this. I've never seen them in shops.


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