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Saturday 15 May 2010

My Day as a Domestic Goddess

Aloha Bloggerinos!

It's Saturday morning, the cat is purring, the birds are tweeting and I have a fun filled day of CLEANING ahead. Ooohhh can you feel the excitement? Not. 

We bought this house summer 2009 and spent a lot of time and funds completely doing it up (a little old lady lived here before and it was very 1040's, but not in a good way) and making it a home. It was all very exciting and liberating to be able to go into any room and think "ha it's mine, I can do whatever I want with it", rather than have to consult with a landlord or beg my dad to even let me put blutak on a wall! 

We finished most of the decorating by Feb this year and then I went back to full time work and as you can imagine, the house has been a little ignored.

So today I am using you lovely bloggerinos as motivation. I am going to clean and tidy every room and then show you pictures of them as a little "LouLou's Home Tour" type jobby and you can have a nosey. Woop!

My main priorities are the guest bedroom for our many guest next weekend- think we are having 5 people stay over- cripes!, and the bathroom/landing area because it is being taken over by laundry! Oooohh I shall be a little Domestic Goddess by the time the day is done.

Upcoming posts are reviews on my new Revlon Lipglosses (3 colours wooooo), Eylure Festival Lashes Haul, Any Questions answered when it gets to 10 questions, and a How-To for polkadot bow hair clips.

Which do you want first?



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  1. I hope the boyfriend/husband helps you aswell U__U
    You'll both me domestics gods in your domestic heaven =D
    Have fun :P

  2. Myself got an apartment and I find it to be a lot of work to make it look like I want it to be. Of course there is 2 wills living in there but still a lot of good work ♥

    Houses seem to have a lot of work to them but I can imagine it must be fun~ !!

  3. Oh I can't wait for your house tour posts! I love being nosy and seeing people's houses. Kinda makes me want to be an estate agent :-S

  4. Woe is me! House is lovely but the Fiance wont let me do my "house tour" photos incase 'people see our valubles and rob us". I ask you!!! I'll prob pop up a few sneaky ones in a couple of days (removing all valuables from the pictures! ahahahaha!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Aww sneak some up! Not so I can rob you, but have a nosey :)

  6. I feel your cleaning plain, I've been cleaning like a mad thing today!!

    Can't wait to see the little tour.



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