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Saturday 8 May 2010

Lou's Reviews- LUSH Haircare

Aloha Bloggerinos,

If you cast your minds back a few months ago,  you might remember the magical day that I was sent a great big box of Lush products to try? Well, I promised I would do reviews and I know I haven't done them all yet but that's because 1) I like to try products out for a while before I really think I've got to grips with them and 2) Variety is the spice of life and I didn't want to go Lush crazy and not give anything else a look in.

So, this will be my review of Rehab Liquid Shampoo and American Cream Conditioner.

Rehab: I am always very nervous of switching my shampoos because new shampoos seem to make my scalp go all flakey (how delightful) and then I look like Mrs Scab Head which is obviously not ideal! Even T-Gel bloomin' well does this! Anyway, I nervously tried Rehab Shampoo, and to my surprise this worked a treat! It smells almost mentholly, although the website kindly informed that it has olive, jojoba and almond oil in it to restore strength and soften the follicles, as well as enzymic papaya to cleanse, so I'm not sure where I got the menthol scent from.

The colour is yellowy (similar to my fav Lush shower gel, Bohemian) and has a VERY runny consistency so you have to do the bottle to hand to hair maneuver fairly quickly to prevent spilling it all over the shower tray.

I feel like this gives a really "squeaky" clean effect which is good if you have used a lot of hair products in the last couple of days, but if I haven't I will use my regular shampoo, whatever it may be, because it's good to alternate.

I think this shampoo is perfect for a BIG wash when you have plenty of time to truely enjoy it and the refreshing mystery menthol scent and I will repurchase it when it runs out.

This product is £14.50 for the largest bottle (500g) and I think considering a little goes a long way, that this is reasonable by Lush standards.

American Cream: Rave rave rave! This conditioner is by far one of the best conditioners I have ever used, and being a conditioner whore, that is a lot! American Cream was inspired by the 1950's American Teenagers who would go on Saturday night dates to milkshake bars and all the scents that are affiliated with that kind of scenario. Far fetched marketing ploy? Maybe. Yummy smelling hair product? Defo!

This conditioners smells creamy (quel surprise), vanillary and super sweet. When I first put it on a few weeks back, I actually said "mmmmm" outloud in the shower like a total loser! It has a thick consistency which makes it easy to apply, and doesn't have that coating-my-hair-with-a-layer-of-plastic feel to it like some conditioners do.

I usually leave it on a few minutes whilst I venus my legs and exfoliate, and then rinse it off and comb through my hair in the shower. As someone who is cursed with uber thick, frizzy hair, this stuff is brilliant for detangling and smoothing.

Once out of the shower my hair is noticeably softer and easier to style and the smell lingers for AGES. I think this is my new favourite product and I shall be repurchasing the largest size bottle next week for £12.25.

Thank you to the ever wonderful Becky from Lush for sending these gems and thank you to my sister-in-law to be, who sent me a Lush voucher for my birthday last week, I think we all know how that's being spent :)

Have you tried any of the Lush hair care range? What were your thoughts?




  1. I don't know if I just got a duff one, as I've read so many rave reviews, but I wasn't impressed with American Dream. It wasn't thick enough to detangle my hair (this was when it was super long, but its not curly or frizzy really) and I ended up using it up really quickly as I had to use so much of it!

    I love the sound of Rehab though! x

  2. Ooooh sounds good... I've been wanting to try the lush haircare so think I'll get some of the conditioner!

  3. Not tried the conditioner but I love love Rehab. Haven't had it for ages but I used to find it really helped my too-bleached hair!
    Just given you a little blog award too :) See here to claim your teddy bear! (Well pic of teddy bear...)

  4. Rehab should smell a bit fruity..weird that you smelled something menthol in there. Also, you have to shake it before use, then itll be a bit thicker!
    I love Rehab, i dye my hair and it really made my hair healthier.
    About your sclap, i have the same prob, you should try out Squeeky green by Lush, it feels great on the sclap and really detangles your hair!

    American cream..the conditioner i totally adore.. I used to put a small amount as a leavein conditioner in my hair, just so i could smell it all day. My hair becomes really really soft and i get great waves with this one :)

  5. The only Lush haircare products I;ve tried are Big (which is amazing and my absolute fave shampoo) and Veganese.. which was terrible and left my hair feeling greasy at the roots and dry on the ends. So I definitely want to try American Cream now!

  6. I have long, thick processed hair (as a result of going grey at 16!) and have now converted completely to Lush haircare. I use either Rehab or Godiva shampoos, American Cream or Coolaulin conditioner, and every so often treat myself to H'Suan Wen Hua as a hairmask! My hair has never been in better condition!

    I tried Jungle too but wasn't a fan... I found it easier to use when I made it into a liquid to be honest!

  7. Oooh yes Girl_Friday, I defo find liquid shampoos easier to deal with that the solid ones :) xxx

  8. hey sprinkleofglitter! i really love u and zoella! u guys are just great! :)

    i have really dry,''big and poofed up'' and frizzy hair!

    i wonder if u have any shampoos or conditioners or any other hair products that could help save my dreadful hair problems?

    1. I have the exact same hair problems! I was in denial about my poof/frizz for a looong time... I tried to rock the au natural hair for FAR too long. My bestie staged an intervention to snap me out of my hair delusion, and bought me a Lush gift card... I havent looked back since! I've been using Big, which is a shampoo designed for taming naturally wild locks while maintaining voluminosity and shine. I follow up with the American Dream conditioner, and it keeps my hair soft and frizz-free! If you arent sure about committing to any shampoos/conditioners, then take a trip to your local Lush store and ask for some samples. Trust me, you wont be sorry you asked! Hope that helps!
      - K xox

      PS- What ever you do, stay away from the Curly Whirley shampoo...the shredded coconut will get stuck in your hair - it was a nightmare for me to comb out of my hair!

  9. hey its me again.i forgot to mention the part of Affordable hair care products for my dry,frizzy,big n poofed up hair problems.

    your awesome always!

  10. This is a very interesting review, as I am often tempted to try LUSH hair products but never quite dare (for some reason the seem unprofessional to me, I guess they have different marketing and that's perhaps what makes me think that) but after reading this I am interested in trying them. Were they easy to rinse out? I often find shampoos difficult to rinse due to the various oils I use and my hair's quite long and very very thick so it's not uncommoon for me to spend an hour rinsing! Many thanks xxx

  11. unfortunatly it's not available here :( so i use
    with a loreal nutrigloss
    anyways your review was really fab =D

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

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