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Monday 24 May 2010

A Real Thankyou

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Well this is not the planned Revlon review I have coming up tonight, it is a THANK YOU.

Yesterday I did my first OOTD post and was a little apprehensive because 1. I thought nobody would be overly interested and 2. I'm not a skinny mini like a lot of the fabulous OOTDers out there are.

Within a matter of hours I had had so many positive comments saying that it is good to see a curvy OOTD and please could I do more etc. I was touched. Literally, I nearly cried, it was so supportive.

I was really taken aback by it all and felt the need to say thank you, it has meant so much.

To show you my bloggy love, I have scattered some pretty snaps from weheartit for your eyes to feast on.

Looking forward to posting some more OOTD's.

Love You Bloggerinos!




  1. I've just seen your OOTD from yesterday and I'm not surprised- you look fab! There's always going to be a bit of apprehension because we put ourselves out there when we blog and people can be mean, but that doesn't mean we should stop doing it! I look forward to lots more OOTD posts xx

  2. Your OOTD was FABULOUS!!! Keep them coming!
    Beauty is not a particular size but comes from confidence and your personal style.

  3. Ohh yes, why the devil not! Maybe I should start doing OOTD with a twist and see what ridiculous poses I can get away with! haha xxxx

  4. Aw Lou you are absolutely gorgeous and it's great to see girls who arn't stick thin doing OOTD's. The dress you wore looked fantastic on you. Everyone has a different shape and I get so sick of flicking through magazines and seeing nothing but the same tiny sized girls in clothes.

  5. You're definitely an inspiration, my dear! You're absolutely gorgeous, Lou!


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