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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

What's In My Clutch?

Aloha Bloggerinos,

After the rather unexpected popularity of my "What's in my bag?" youtube video (see the link in the right side bar, subscribe s'il vous plait), I thought I would do a blog version.

So this is one of my favourite summer clutch bags. I bought it last year from New Look for £20. It's large, sturdy, coloured and textured. What more could a gal ask for?!

Now I'm tres sorry for the pinkish photos, I was a little worse for wear after Saturday night and the hot pink curtains remained shut all day! Cripes!

So these are my 'night out' essentials. I always pack the same kind of stuff on a night out and try to keep it light because the less you take out, the less you can loose/break/spill cocktails on!

Most Important- Purse. Mine is LIPS from H&M- woop!
MAC Oyster Girl Lipgloss for Amanda who took a bit of a shine to it (she was like a kid in a candy shop when she found my makeup stash- yay!)
Snazzy Vivaz mobile. Essential for safety and social-ness.
House keys so I don't have to sleep in the gutter in a most undignified fashion.
Eyeliner. I don't know what happens on nights out but I think my eye skin EATS it or something. Very odd.
Bourjois Menthol Gloss for minty fresh lips.
Chewing gum for minty fresh kisses.
An old bronzer. I never take my good ones out because I generally drop and smash them or loose them. I would usually take a brush but I buddied up with my chum Emma and she took a brush in her clutch.
Little deo for dancing the night away with an air of freshness.
A sticker that says "Disco Henry". Where the hell did that come from?
And of course, my camera, but I was using that! haha.

What are your going out essentials? I once met a girl who took an electric hand fan out with her in case she got hot- imagine that!!




  1. Great post. Love the odd little sticker. I take too much makeup out with me and of course application doesn't get any better as I get more tipsy so I probably should avoid doing that.

  2. haha disco henry!if you've got oneof his stickers then he probably took a photo of you (which in my case is always horribly unflattering!)

  3. Ohh really? Worringly I dont think I can recall this. Where can I find my delightfully (more than likely vile) photo?? xxx

  4. he has a facebook page where he puts all the photos up, just find the one for saturday and the place you went to. were you in fat cat by any chance?

  5. I sure was! Were you?!?! If ever you see me, say hi!! xxxxx

  6. yes i was too, i probably saw you and didn't even realise!did you find the photos? did you have a good night?xx

  7. Now I dont want to advocate drinking for the sake of younger readers but GOOD GRIEF YES. I was by the doors to the beer garden playing kick n play in a hot pink dress! Good times!
    Did you have a good night? xxx
    I found the photo. I look like i have just been let out on day release. Lovely. xxx

  8. haha i did warn you the photos he takes are never flattering!yours are a hell of a lot better than the ones i usually get!
    i had a great night, so much fun, although i did have a go at some guy in fat cat for calling my friend fat, there always has to be an idiot,doesn't there!xx

  9. omg ur lips purseee soooo cute :)

  10. Love the lips purse. :)

  11. I love your lips purse - so fun!



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