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Saturday 10 July 2010

Calling all Book Worms!

Aloha Bloggerinos!

Are you enjoying the baking heat UK Bloggerinos? So far, I'm managing. Usually I take to heat like a snowman, and try to stay as cool and still as possible but I've not melted yet- hurrah!

Life is starting to get very hectic this summer. My office job is fairly full on, we're planning the wedding (and trying to pay for things too-eurgh!), we are going on holiday in a month (our first proper holiday together!) and about nine months after the wedding we're hoping for the pitter patter of tiny feet! So, with all that in mind, we are trying to put some mula away and here is something I have been doing.

I am a book worm and love nothing more than a good page turner. I was buying at least 2-3 books a month which would come to about £20-£30! Yikes! Times that by 12 and you've got £240-£360 a year just on books!!

So a few months ago I trundled off to my local library and was pleasantly surprised. I had always thought it was full of grannies or geeky people who read boring books about wars, but it wasn't at all. Since joining I am going every fortnight and because its big fat FREE, I come out with about 8 books! I never read all 8, usually just two or three but I figure being as it costs nothing, it's guilt free greed!

I've also been taking out loads of craft books for inspiration and tuition and it has proved invaluable.

So chummies, what do you think? Is it savvy or geeky? Are you frequenters of the big fat free book club?




  1. I'm exactly the same with books! They had a '2 for £7' offer in Tesco and the amount I picked up is truly shocking... I've actually drafted a blogpost about it because I haven't even read half of them and I could almost open my own library, tut, tut!

    I think it's great that you've started going to the library. My Aunt orders all of her books online and goes to the library to collect them - it's something that I've been looking into recently... I need to save some trees!


  2. I love going to my local library!!!! :) <3

  3. I love reading, especially in the Summer when it's lovely and hot.
    I always have a quick look in my local charity shop....normally there are some good bargains to be had and some of them haven't even been read!


  4. I love to read...I could read a good book all day and night! Most of my books are second hand, either from charity shops, ebay or carboot sales. When I do a carboot, I only allow myself to buy books when im there - 50p = bargain! My library is small so doesnt have a great collection :( :) x

  5. i love to read too. well only if the books really interesting:D I'm always in the library trying to find a really cute love story:D

    btw, i am now a new follower. follow me too?

  6. Oh I love books too! I try to do the library thing and I'm a big fan of book sales, I love getting bargain books. But if there's a book that I'm really dying to read and can't find or the library doesn't have it in, I will go out and buy it. Recently I read "The Hunger Games" and was dying for the 2nd book, so I bought it but didn't regret paying the full price.
    Happy reading to you :-)

  7. I love libraries! I used to love going to mine and I could stay there for hours lol! But where I live now the lib is rubbissssh! So what I do now is go to charity shops and get really cheap em...them donate them back...better than free coz it's for charity!

    Your life sounds very exciting holidays, weddings, babies!!! Haha I popped your little OPI in the post today, hope you like! xxxx

  8. Hi I am Ruby.i just saw your blog and it's very beautiful..

  9. I love reading, but never buy books new. I'm a library nerd for sure! I'm always at my local one renting out some new ones! There are so many to choose from, it's great! :) xx

  10. I to am a real book worm! I never pay full price for books though I either go to my local libary or in charity shops :) I could open my own libary the amout I have! :)


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