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Sunday 4 July 2010

My Liverpool Hen Do- Wowee wowee WOWEE!!!

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Well I am back from my AMAZING Hen Do and I. FEEL. ROUGH. This is truly the sign of a good weekend!

Rather than gabble on like usual, I will just spoil you with snaps from the past 24 hours, which I think are defo some of the best hours I have ever spent *happy tear*. In this post I shall do morning to evening and then I'll do a separate post for our night time antics.

WARNING: As with most Hen Do's, there was a strong 'penis' theme, so if you are offended by that kind of thing, please look away now because I really wouldn't want you to not enjoy this.


The venue for my Hen Do (organised by Miss Toni and Miss Karen- I love you for doing this, I loved you before but I love you regular+hen do now!). It was all a mystery with many twists and turns along the way!

Charlotte (my big Bridesmaid, little Bridesmaid is little sis) and I left Northampton at 7.30am! Good grief that was early! A quick stop off at the golden arches and a pro plus later, we were off!!

We were told that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES were we to be early. Ever the crafter, I took this opportunity to pop into an amazing fabric shop to pick up a few bits for upcoming projects (more on this another day). We popped to Starbucks and just as we were sipping away, a herd of men in uniforms paraded past- Thank you!! Yummy!

We did the touristy bit for a while and then hotfooted it tooooo Faye's!!

Me and Charly with a qwarfi (NYC 'Coffee'. I couldn't help it)

Faye made these cupcakes herself! When you bit into them, there were little pink "L"'s in icing- how did she do that?! How??

Here we all our pre goodie bags...

Post goodie bags + 2 policemen we found on our way to lunch! In our goodie bags we had T-shirts, feather boers, halos for the angels and a veils with willys on for me, pink whistles, shot glass necklaces, a photo frame for when we get out pics done, glo stick bangles, penis straws and I was 'lucky' enough to be given a willy cup! There was sooooo much in the bags (which all had funky labels with my picture on on the front) and clearly a LOT of thought had gone into them.

Here's Karen and I at the restaurant we had lunch in. See what I mean by penis theme?! haha!

After our meals, the girls had organised a pass-the-parcel game. I have never been more excited! haha!
Each time you took a layer off, you won a prize which was either: nee high sexy socks, garters, nipple tassels (ooer), silky pink gloves and maybe a few other bits I can't quite recall. The winner, which was me!!!, won ALL of those things plluuussss cool knickers that said "Lou's Hen Do, Bride to Be" (I think) and a cryptic message telling me what our afternoon activity was.

As you can see, everyone was prreeetttttyyyy pleased with their winnings!!

So off we headed into town for our.......DANCE LESSONS!!

For the first hour we did Burlesque Dancing, this was not my finest hour I can tell you!

But thhhheeeeeeeeennnn, we did a Grease dance and were given these crazy cool Grease Lightening jackets! Sadly we didn't get to keep them :(

By the end of the 2 hours, Charly and I were really feeling the heat! The room we were dancing in was hotter than the sun I swaer.

God bless showers and cosmetics though!

So here I am in my party frock, ready to rock 'n' roll and paint the town pink!

More to come my lovely Bloggerinos,




  1. Looks like a fab hen do, and you looked gorgeous! I was 'lucky' enough to receive a willy flask just like yours for my hen do from my mother in law lol! xx

  2. awesome pics! looks like you had a heap of fun :D xx

  3. Aww you look like you had a amazing time. You look stunning sweetie! Can't wait for the next instalment ...
    E x

  4. Looks like so much fun and I love the pic with the policemen.

  5. Looks wicked, glad you had fin. Good luck for the wedding x x x

  6. Oh wow that all sounds BRILLIANT!!! I love that they did everything properly as a traditional hen do, how it should be!!

  7. Ahhh you look beautiful, looks like you had so much fun, i look forward to the next installment! lol x x

  8. Looks like you had an amazing time!
    you look great!


  9. You look lovely. I live in liverpool haha. It's the best place to have fun!

  10. how fun! love the makeup!!! ox

  11. sounds great fun and what lovely friends xx

  12. Aww looks like you had so much fun! Bet your all excited for your wedding now as it getting nearer :)
    The photo after you were dancing really made me laugh!

    x x

  13. Hi Lou - your hen do looks like wicked fun! I'm planning my best friend's hen do at the moment so this has given me some great ideas. Pass the parcel is a great one and I'd forgotten all about the making a dress out of silver foil / loo roll game, will def do that too! Did they do any other games or any good little things that might be a good tip for me? Was there a prize or anything for the dress making and did they get you to be the judge? Sorry to pinch all your friends' ideas, but please share if you don't mind! Thanks hun xx

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    ps I would like to complete it all greater than all over again ;)

  20. Great post :)! It looks u have an amazing time!

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  22. Beautiful flower-dress! Great photos, I'm sure you all had fun! What an amazing night... :)

  23. A really nice party you had! Looks like you had a great time. I like the photos :)

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