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Tuesday 27 July 2010

Chitty Chitty Chat Chat

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Panic not, I do have a couple of Lush and Body Shop reviews coming up but this is just a quickie post - short and sweet as they say.

I have so many exciting things coming up to share with you! There is of course the Big Pink Sparkly Wedding, my Jolly Holiday (I WILL be doing Pool Wear Curvy Girl OOTD's, I've just been feeling very body conscious recently, for reasons that will become apparent eventually, tehe), something VERY EXCITING happening cosmetic wise (think Limited Edition, think Glittery, thiiinnkkkk designing eyeshadows, loose glittlers, lipsticks, lipglosses etc! Wowzas times a trillion). What eellsee? I'm still crafting away like a busy little beaver and have a few Home Corners posts to come.

(a weheartit randomer so this post ins't naked. Photoless posts? No Spankyou!)

So that's my big fat catch up for you..lovely.

I have received a few uber nice emails from some of you Bloggerinos lately and I wanted to share some. First was from a YouTuberino who watches my videos (must get back on that soon) and reads this and she had guessed my secret news which I'm still not revealing. I thought that being as she wrote such a lovely email and it was private (and even attached a gorgeous word document with a little poem on it) that I would disclose the secret- so to the lovely girlie that I'm referring to- THANK YOU!

Allsssoo, to all of you lovely Bloggerinos that have been buying my sparkly trinkets and giving such fabulous feedback- thank you to you too, I really appreciate it. Gemx bought one of my flower power rings (there are still a few left) and sent such a kind email about where she plans to wear it and such like. She has also done a little blog post about it so check that out and give her a little follow.

If you have done a little review on a 'Lou's Lovely', do let me know so that I can put it in my Chitty Chat posts, I always love to read good things about myself hahahaha!

I am sooooo desperate to tell you my secret but feel like it would be a bit much on top of wedding, Lou's Lovelies, Home Corners, Lou's Reviews, upcoming makeup project, Curvy Girl's OOTD's and the like! Sheesh I'm pooped just typing it!

What are you all looking forward to most and I shall get cracking on that?



Aloha to all your lovely new Bloggerinos, have a good nosey :)

Turns out that wasn't so short after all! Oopsie, hope you managed to read all the way through!


  1. "I've just been feeling very body conscious recently, for reasons that will become apparent eventually, tehe"

    OOOH! are you pregnant?! haha or am I waaaay off?:(xxx

  2. Hmmm I was thinking the same! xx

  3. I think we can all guess now :) xx

  4. Hehe
    I was thinking the same too!
    Ooohhh, how exciting!

  5. Hi! I just subscribed to your blog
    Can't wait to read more- your blog is soo cute :)

  6. That's the first thing that came to my mind :) - if you are congratulations, if not, sorry for jumping the gun! Lol - I'm nineteen and still go snooping for Christmas presents around my house (that'll show you I'm not good with surprises and waiting) lol xx

  7. Oooh exciting news! Can't wait to
    Thanks for the link ^.^

  8. your pregnant? i hope you are!! :)

  9. Ahhh! I want to know what this news is. When will you be sharing?


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