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Saturday 24 July 2010

Sew Hard! Grr!

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I'm trying to make this bag that I bought a pattern for from John Lewis. Now, when it says "easy", what it actually means is "really confusing and difficult and not something you can do in an afternoon".

I decided that the instructions were too hard and perhaps if I left them on the floor and came back to them it would be easier. I was wrong.

Grrrr back to basic sewing for me then!

Do any of you use sewing patterns?




  1. I've always wanted to but i'm terrified and don't have time. I love the chair btw! I've been looking for one similar. Where's it from? Is it comfy on the back?

  2. This is my fav chair ever, I'm sitting in it as I type this actually! It is from IKEA and was around the £60 mark. I bought it a year ago but saw it in there about a month ago so it's prob still there.
    It's really comfy and I love that it is practically (ie has wheels) but also looks appealing.
    Hmmm, I have written quite a lot about my chair havent I?! haha

  3. i love that chair of urs. I bought a sewing pattern from a shop for me dress that I had to make for textiles. It went pretty well for me. Just take your time and it'll look perfect in the the end :)

  4. I actually find sewing patterns much easier than doing anything without. To me it's just really relaxing to have everything prepared for you and instructions.

  5. I use home made sewing patterns.

    My mum's an ex seamstress so she can copy patterns really quickly so I do rop her into making things for me

  6. Good luck with the sewing ^^ Fighting!

  7. I found out a long time ago the more complicated the pattern, the better I do because I pay closer attention to detail since I am afraid I'll mess it up. I mess up the easy ones, probably because I don't pay such close attention.

  8. I sew most things buy making my own pattern, but sometimes I simply trace/copy the dimensions of something I already own and make adjustments as I see fit to aid in giving it a fresh look. This way it fits but I can still shake things up.

  9. I have never sewn a bag before but this seems fun. Can't wait for the outcome :)


  10. Ah the old "leave on the floor and come back later" chestnut. Sometimes it works.. other times it does not :(

  11. i brought a bag pattern and some material from a little shop near where i live (northampton) it was really quite easy and i enjoyed making it, although it was fun to make, it was quite pricey but has lasted me forever!


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