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Friday 2 July 2010

News Just In!

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I have just come back from the salon with blondey blonde blonde hair! Oh yes! It's my hen night tomorrow night *prays the girls haven't booked a stripper* so I thought I would give myself a bit of hair love. My hair is an absolute beast and is so thick that the hairdresser looked a little like she wanted to stab me with her comb after a couple of hours, mwahahaha.

(my arty eye- see below for reason!)

Now, I have a few bits of news so I thought I would moosh them all together like a News-Just-In-Hotpot.

Firstly, I have recently heard that Cosmopolitan have launched the 'Cosmo Blog Award', sponsored by the ever brilliant Collection 2000. They are calling upon all blog readers to nominate their favourite blog and I am calling upon my lovely Bloggerinos to click HERE and give me a mention. I kid you not, I would piddle my pants with glee if you did that for me, I would be touched (ooerr) and honoured! piddlepiddle

(Hair fascinator for ETSY shop- reason below)

Secondly, I am starting up an ETSY shop! I have set it up but it needs tweaking and product pictures uploading. I wanted really pretty pictures and my chum Rob said he would do them for me. Rob has done weddings, portraits, arty pictures of the sea type things, 'real' shots of people, and now of course, my crafty bits. He will read this and be annoyed that I haven't described him very well at all, so Rob, I'm sorry!! Anyway, I will share a couple of pictures (scattered amongst this post) with you and of course point you to my ETSY shop when it is officially open, but if there is anyone in the Midland/Anglia type region and you would like a fantastic photographer, leave a comment and I will pass on his details. What he enjoys most (aprt from Photography bookings), is when you say his car looks like a panda. It's his fav.

(cupcake Earrings for ETSY shop)

Thirdly, thank you to everyone for their well wished for Mattmoo, who was in hospital this week. He is on the mend now and a happy chappy being so spoilt.

I think that's all for now lovely jubbly Bloggerinos. I'm off to do a few crafty bits for my shop and then get packing for my Hen Night! Woooo!! If any of you are out in Liverpool on Saturday, keep your peepers peeled and say "Aloha" to me!




  1. Have a fantastic hennight you lucky thing! I want the cupcakes earrings already! xxxxxxxxx

  2. Have a brilliant hennight and take lots of pics or get someone else who isnt so drunk that they will lose there camera take them.
    Good luck with the ETSY shop too xx

  3. have a great hen night!! those earrings look sooo adorable xxx

  4. No picture of the hair... how mean lol! I hope we will see it on the pics of the hen do. Have a fab time. Good luck with the etsy shop! ;0)

    x hel x

  5. Congrats on your new Etsy shop! and I nominated you for the Cosmo Blog Award! :)Have fun at your Bachelorette party!(I think that's what a 'hen night' is! lol)

  6. i LOVE these pictures! i bet your new hair looks great and have an amazing hen night! :)
    Olivia x

  7. Have a great hen night! (you have to have a stripper! It's tradition!). Those cupcake earrings are beyond cute - looking forward to checking out your ETSY shop!
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  8. We need a hair picture!
    I nominated you on the cosmo blog award, good luck!
    Have a fun weekend, I'm going to London, ooooh, the big city!
    Anna x

  9. I agree, show us a hair pic! Good luck for the Etsy shop! Hope it all goes well! and i'll nominate you too, I really like to read your blog :) x

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