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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Lou's Reviews :: MAC Impeccable Brow Pencil

Aloha Bloggerinos,

So guess who found her camera wire!!?! ME!! It was in the lounge, so for all you who psychic brainwaved it's location- well done! Psychic Sally has nothing on you!

Rightyroo, on with the show.

I have been using the MAC Impeccable Brow Pencil in Dirty Blonde for some time now and can honestly say I will never switch to another eye pencil for as long as I live. I bloomin' well love it!

It retails for £10.50 and I think this is very reasonable for the following reasons:

1. I bought this about 3 months ago and have only had to sharpen it twice- it is VERY long lasting, which is always a brucey bonus in my books.

2. It is the PERFECT shade for my eyebrows. I have tried all sorts but this suits to a tee. I love that the colour indicator on the end of the pencil, is practically the same as the actual product colour. So often I feel duped by misleading colour indicators.

3. The texture is creamy, not oily or chalky and had a matt finish, so blends very well to give a natural look. Who wants unnatural eyebrows?!

4. Similar to point 1, it is very looooooong. As far as makeup pencils go, longer is always better- ooer misses!

Here's me banging on about the colour being the same at both ends and I have shot it in different lights and it looks different- why I call myself a beauty blogger I do not know! Jeez!

The packaging, like all MAC products, is sleek and sophisticated and something I am proud to have in my collection. I love that the black paint on the pencil is matt, rather than sheeny shiny, it feels more demure this way.

So, here are my brows. Please note I have no foundation or powder on, just Dream Cream (no I'm not a sweaty betty).

Naturally, my eyebrows are light brown/dirty blonde and a bit sparse. I think it is just a paranoid thing but I feel that they are a little "bitty". I use the Impeccable Brow Pencil to fill in the gaps and look a bit less bitty. I try not to go overboard so as to keep it natural and light.

Naked eyebrow:

MAC'd up eyebrow:

Do you think there is a difference or is it all in my head?



PS- Eyeshadow is Bella Sugar Cosmetics- my new addiction.


  1. Thanks lou! Been wondering about these!

  2. Bella! Your eyes are simply stunning m'lady! xxx

  3. I can't see that much of a difference hun :'(

  4. Thank you Kirsty and WarPaint! Woop woop!
    Meow- Perhaps it's the lighting or just in my head but I feel there is a difference and feel a bit more "done" after using it :)

  5. I see a slight difference. Second picture looks a little more finished. But I love the green look on your eyes! beautiful.

  6. Agreed. I love the Impeccable Pencils. They're so good for the brows.

  7. If you look at your left brows there is a slight difference, but overall it's not noticeable :(

  8. Ahh my lovely lou you have such beautifull eyes!
    I think it makes a difference, they look more defined!
    I can't live without doing my eyebrows, i just use some random cheap brown eyeliner though haha
    Great post girly!
    x x

  9. I can't see any difference. I think your brows look fine on the top picture.
    I'm in the minority who think some eyebrows don't need added definition.

  10. hi,
    Now that these Mac impeccable eyebrow pencils have discontinued. I've been using this too. Now what do you use to replace this? Hope to hear soon.. Thanks


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Sprinkleofglitter xxx

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