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Thursday 8 July 2010

Blog Sale :: Handmade Cupcake Earrings

Aloha Bloggerinos,

It's been a bit craft orientated of late but panic not, I have the following coming up this weekend: Wedding Purchases Updates, Home Corners: The Studio and Home Corners: The Boudoir, aaannnnnddd I am seriously considering doing a Curvy Girl OOTD BEACHWEAR!! I'm going on holiday in a month and for years I have struggled with swimwear, so I am going to show you a few tricks to feel a bit more confident by the pool. Would you like that or would you all be horrified by my wobbly bits?! ha! Be nice!

Anyway, as some of you will have noticed, I have put the oh-so-popular cupcake earrings on etsy. On etsy they work out a pound more expensive and so I thought that for all you loyal followers (whom I luurrvvvee) I would do like I did last time and sell them at their introductory prices as a thank you for all your love and blog support. This sale will only be open to blog readers and will not be reduced on etsy.

Rules are simple:

Paypal only. Please leave your paypal address and I will invoice you.

International sale. P&P £1 UK and £3 Overseas.

I will ship first class for speedy delivery and all earrings will come in pretty organza gift bags with love and sparkles :)

First comment, first serve. Last time the cupcake earrings sold within hours so if you are interested, comment quick! I have two pairs of each design so don't be afraid to ask.

Happy shopping Bloggerinos!

Pink Cupcake Earrings - £4.20

Very Berry Cupcake Earrings - £4.20

Lilac Cupcake Earrings - £4.20

I hope you enjoy these yummy treats!




  1. Hey Lou!

    These are so beautiful you're so talented! I might purchase one when I get some bday money woop woop!

    You're the one person I follow who I know might be into the giveaway I'm doing...It's for some really cutesy teapots and stuff. If you're interested have a wee peak...


  2. I would love a beachwear OOTD! I'm going away next week and am getting some serious fear of poolside swimwear outside of my usual haunt (a council swimming pool haha!)!

    Sarah x

  3. Bring on the curvy girl beach wear! Its always hard to find acceptable stuff to wear!

    Anna x

  4. I'd love some very berry earrings please ;) lindsey underscore morrell at hotmail dot com for paypal.

    I'd love to see a beachwear OOTD, you always look fab!

    Love your blog x

  5. Wohoo thanks guys! I will get the Mattmoo to take a few snaps of various beach outfits this weekend (the neighbours will think im bonkers!!

    Linz - Will email you now and if you are able to pay tonight, I will post tomorrow so should be with you by sat :) xxx

  6. SO ADORABLE. LOUISE!!! I love them.
    Alas I am broke or would ask to buy some.

  7. I love these little earrings. They are so cute!
    And yes, I think you should do a swimwear OOTD. You have a great sense of style.
    Aloha to you :-)

  8. aww so cute!

    im new to ur blog! i love it!

  9. Hey lovely these cupcakes are gorrrrgeous! Look scrummy too ;) I'll check funds later on to see if I can grab a pair :)

    You should go for the curvy beachwear post that'd be great :):)

    Alsoooo.. I'v just got back from Portugal and thought that I'd check as to whether you received everything in the post okay?? Xxx

  10. I love these little earrings. They are so cute!


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