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Friday 23 July 2010

Lou's Lovelies :: Handmade Bracelets

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Since I was little, I have been obsessed with beads. I used to look longingly at my lovely Mum's (now in heaven) jewellery and wish they would break so that I could have all the beads off them. Mental? A little bit.

I would be given those gawdy jewellery making kits filled with candy coloured plastic beads and spend Christmas's and birthday's threading them onto multi coloured strings.

I love beads so much, I even took a 36 week Beading Course for seed beads and can actually stitch in them- this is commitment I tell ya!

So anyway, these little beauties are available for you to have sent through the fairy post and into your hands...and onto your wrists!

Paypal only, just comment which one you would like and I will send an invoice. No returns.

As always, first come, first serve.

P&P UK- £1.
P&P Other - £3.

Silver Moon : : £3.90  - SOLD TO SHADOW

Glacier Mists : : £3.90

Little Bow Blue : : £3.90

Lady Sage : : £3.90

Emerald Goddess : : £3.90

Exotic Sands : : £3.90

Do you likey likey?




  1. Ooh pretty!
    Can I have Silver moon please.
    What do you need for my paypal?

  2. Hi Shadow, Silver Moon is all yours. Can I have your paypal email address and I will invoice you.

  3. Yup
    Hehehehehehe, thank you!!

  4. wow, i love your beautiful creations! i think i might have to start making my own jewelry soon! thanks for the inspiration :D xx

  5. so pretty!


  6. I like these a lot, very beautiful.

  7. They're gorgeous, I'm a bead lover too, sometimes I even dream about my beads, my husband definitely thinks I'm mental, he still married me though! xx

  8. These R Beautiful!!! I also make Jewelry.

  9. please make more jewelry, i am new to your blog/vlog and i would love to wear some of your pieces. do you ship to the U.S.? if glacier mist is available to be shipped to the U.S., please let me know what i need to do to purchase it-thank you :)

  10. Handmade Inspirational Bracelets i'd like your blog! excellent! thanks for sharing this.

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