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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Lou's Reviews :: Prestige Sunbaked Mineral Bronzing Powder

Aloha Bloggerinos,

In last week's haul I showed you these snazzy bronzers I had picked up at Boots and now I've had a little go with them, I'm ready to review them.

I bought two out of the three bronzers thinking one would be for when I have fake tanned and one would be for when I'm braving my natural skin colour (actually so pale that it's practically see-through!).

On the left is Rich Bronze and the right is Glam Tan. They usually retail for £8.99 each but Boots have an offer on and they are currently £7.99- Every penny counts!

I was initially really excited about this as they reminded of MAC MSF Bronzers with all the different shades and the gold veining. I use my MAC Duo Fibre (suspected fake-dagnam eBay you swine!) to swirl the colours round and apply to my temples and apples of my cheeks.

Whilst the swatches are quite impressive, I find the actual product to be a little bit of a let down. I may need to experiment a bit more but I find that the gold glitter isn't as finely milled in the skin as it looks in the pan and unlike the glitter in MAC Belightful, it stands out and looks a bit garish.

Both colours have this issue and are very similar. The difference being that Glam Tan is more goldy than the Rich Bronze, which is, surprise surprise, more bronzey.

I don't think these will draw me away from my cheapy-peapy £1.95 2True Bronzer (it's bloomin' amazing I tell ya!) or my MAC Belightful Highlighter but being as I spent about £16 I couldn't afford to write them off. After playing around with them a bit I have actually found a really good use for them.

I am now using them with a big kabuki brush applied in a vertical line down the front of my thigh, knee and shin to create a slimming effect, on my shoulders and decolletage for a sunkissed effect and in my cleavage to draw the eye....naughty ;)

If I'm feeling fruity I also dust a bit on my arms for a sparkly-parkly effect. 

I think these products are average for what they are, very pretty to look at but quite pricey. I don't think I will be trying Prestige again after the malting blush brush (reviewed on one of my youtube videos) and these bronzers :(. Oh well, more room for all the other brands! Woop!

Have you ever been please by Prestige?




  1. I can see what you are saying with the swatches, it could really be quite a problem.

    I have never tried it and thanks to your review, I never will.:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  2. They look a bit orange in the swatches too. Hmm it is a shame.. but at least you found another use for them :D
    I have a pressed face powder from Prestige which I quite like, it's very soft and velvety.

  3. Shame about these, at least you found a good use for them! :) xx

  4. i've never tried prestige but it's never been top of my list! hah i love your uses for them, money well spent.

  5. Thanks for the review , i kept looking at these and now i think youve scratched that itch for me.
    I do love 2 of prestige mascaras.
    My biggest lashes which is really volumising and my favourite mascara at the moment and my longest lashes which again is brilliant.
    They also have one called my blackest lashes which i want to try next x

  6. I am lovinggg their Baked Mineral Blush in PINK... It is deemed to be a dupe for MAC's Well Dressed but I can't really comment on that cos I don't own Well Dressed.

  7. I got this in rich bronze the other day and it looked orange on me :( x

  8. I got the lightest one for my fair skin but these are so shimmery in my opinion I cannot use it as a bronzer! >_< But it had now become my HG highlighter!

    I did a review on this product too.

    - KK xoxo.

  9. I've never purchase items from Prestige but these look a tad orange for a bronzer.

  10. These look great, thanks for sharing ill have to try them out !! x

    1. they really do look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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