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Wednesday 19 May 2010

Ding Dong! Avon Calling!

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Ever on the quest for microhappies, I thought I would share one of my oldie but goodies with you. I have a few new ones too but I'll share these at a later date :)

This may sound a bit 'fuddy duddy', but I absolutely bloomin' well love it when the Avon Lady (mine is called Sarah and she is tres nice) drops off the catalogue. I like to make a little time for myself (a good 15 minutes usually does the trick), sit down with a pen to hand in case I want to order anything and have a gooooood look at every single page.

I don't order something every time but I do keep an open mind when flicking through. This time I am ordering this really sweet 'Dana Bird Cage Necklace' -picture from avon website-. It's soooo pretty and for only £5, I figured why not hop on the birds-are-so-in bandwagon?

I always order liquid handsoap from Avon because they come in pretty colours and scents so I chop and change depending on my bathroomy mood. I also luurrvvee Avon makeup brushes (I use my powder brush every day. It's very soft and dense) and have an array of Avon lipsticks and mascaras. The best thing I ever ordered was about a year ago and I bought my watch. It's Morgan which isn't usually my style but it's black and sparkly and draws in a LOT of compliments. Perhaps I shall show you my Avon treasures in another post if it tickles you?

So bargainistas, I strongly advise you to have a look through your brochure next times it flops through your door or have a gander online. I really like the personal service of having an Avon Lady and having things delivered to my door. Most the time, by the time it arrives a week later, I have forgotten what I ordered and it's a wonderful little surprise. Sometimes Sarah the Avon Lady even pops a sample in with my order. A lllllloooooonnnggg while ago I was an Avon Lady myself and I know that it's not free to dish out samples so I always appreciate it when she does that for me.

So what do you think of Avon? Are you strictly MAC/Illamasqua/Nars/Clinique etc or do you ever opt for a more affordable brand?

Bloggeroo your thoughts!




  1. I love avon :) I get my boyfriends mums book and Im the only one that ever orders from there I love getting the package later ! :) XO

  2. I absolutely love avon products too - and I even sell some in work now!
    I love the bras, percieve by avon is the perfect perfume for work - I could go on and on!
    Love your blog and YT Channel x

  3. I'm a new follower and LURVE your blog!
    I don't have an Avon lady (or man lol) round where I live and never thought to go online, but I will do now. Once along time ago I had a false tan leg perfecter from Avon and it was fabby!
    Emma x

  4. I'm a bargain brands kinda girl! Always feel I can buy more when it's cheaper! And I used to lurve the Avon catalogue, but we don't get it any more :( Love the blog! XXX

  5. I would love to hear about your favorite Avon products. My aunt sells it so I try to order from her sometimes and want to know what are the best products.

  6. avon products are really growing on me! i'm especially fond of the mark line they offer. :)

  7. I used to be an Avon lady! :) Pretty time consuming though for not a lot of cash so I guess all the more reason to appreciate them. Think they'll prob get a few more sales from having Reese Witherspoon advertising them too. You might have tempted me to see if there's an Avon lady when I move house in a few weeks... xx

  8. I like some Avon stuff... I used to adore their wet/dry eyeliner, but they stopped selling it and I'm gutted :(
    That necklace is really cute too xx

  9. I love Avon. They're clearskin or whatever scrub is the best I've tried and I love their glazewear lip glosses. I found them similar to MAC lipglasses TBH.

  10. AVON is good! I am an avon lady. Yay!

  11. Yay for AVON!! More Avon reviews coming soon then :) xxxxx

  12. please show a picture of the watch!!!

    I love avon =) i'm glad to see you as a fan too

  13. Do you still like Avon Lou? I'm an Avon Lady and I love it :)x


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